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What is YetAnotherForumNET (YAF.NET)?

YetAnotherForumNET (YAF.NET) is a opensource discussion forum (hosted on CodePlex) for web sites running ASP.NET. It is ASP.NET based with a MS SQL backend database. The full C# source code is available licensed as GPL.

What is Open Source GNU Public License (GPL)?

Here is all you need to know about GPL straight from the Oxen's Mouth: GNU Public License

What version of the GNU Public License (GPL) is YetAnotherForum?

Version 2.

May I remove the copyright from the YAF.NET footer?

Although we would appreciate if you kept the copyright message, you may remove it. For instance, if you do choose to remove the copyright, even a small link would be appreciated from your board. e.g: Powered by YAF.NET (with a link to

May I edit the copyright message in the footer?

Yes, as long as you leave the "meaning" of it message intact (who the copyright holders are, etc).

May I add my own copyright message?

Yes, provided that you do not merge your message with the official one in any way. Something like: Copyright © 2003-2012 YAF & Me would not be acceptable.

May I remove the copyright from the source code?

You may not hide or remove the "Powered by YAF.NET" copyright and backlink from your site unless you purchase a copyright removal license for your forum. The license is good for one domain E.g.: If you had a different forum at, you need another domain license.

Buy a Copyright Removal Key

YetAnotherForumNET (YAF) Links:

YetAnotherForumNET (YAF) offical forum and discussion
YetAnotherForumNET (YAF) CodePlex page (download YAF)
YetAnotherForumNET (YAF) domain home page (not always up to date)

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