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v1.9.6 RC1

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Downloads: 2645
Change Set: 90c2ed330b74
Released: Jan 30, 2012
Updated: Mar 28, 2012 by Jaben
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Application YAF-v1.9.6-RC1-BIN
application, 10782K, uploaded Jan 31, 2012 - 1213 downloads

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Source Code YAF-v1.9.6-RC1-SRC
source code, 15095K, uploaded Jan 31, 2012 - 1432 downloads

Release Notes

v1.9.6 is .NET v4.0 ONLY

New features:
  1. 63215c15029e - Added Album Image List DropDown to the YAF Editor to include an Album Image in a Post.
  2. e97f83f02ee3 - Added Single Sign On via Twitter - Setting Enable Single Sign On in Host Settings Needs to be enabled and YAF.TwitterConsumerKey andYAF.TwitterConsumerSecret needs to be setup in app.config. Twitter Users can also Retweet Messages and Topics directly via the Twitter API.
  3. e9fc44704e62 - Added New Feature to Allow Topic Title Customization with CSS Styles for Mods and Admins.
  4. d6d136861018 - Added One More Tab to the My Topics Page that shows all Unanswered Topics Topics.
  5. b2be8a1d157a - New Feature: Added Support for Farsi Calender
  6. f5d0815dc314 - Added New Admin Page "Delete Forum" you have now the Option to delete a Forum including its content, or select a New Forum where all The Topics should be moved to before the deleting of the selected forum.
  7. c744ff13c79b - The Current Points System is now Converted in to a Reputation System instead of Adding Points (Reputation) automatically when Users Posts a Message, a User can give Reputation to another User (once a Day). More Info here
  8. bc1385ace914 - Added Admin Interface to Add/Edit/Delete and Import/Export Topic Status.
  9. 66d9b475d8d5 - Added an image to thanks list description.
  10. ed05fd04a051 - Added New Button to a Post "Multi-Quote"; Mark multiple Post as "Multi-Quote" and Click "Quote" and all Posts are Quoted.
  11. 916cfc3b145e - Added New Host Setting "Show Todays Birthdays in Forum Info"
  12. 407f9afdf381 - Added JS and CSS Compression via JSMin project, it autom. compresses all JavaScript and Css Blocks.
  13. f754e6c34872 - An optional setting which places moderator list under forum description instead of a Separate Column.
  14. 34eec91d5070 - Added Download Button to the Attached Image inside The Modal Preview Window. of the Message Attached Preview Image
  15. f2fde79416f3 - Added Spell Checking to the Standard YAF Text Editor via jQuery Ajax thru Google Spellchecker API.
  16. d003cb720b4d - Added New Topic Icons "Hot Topic" - In the Host Settings you can define how long (in Days) a Topic should stay active, and how many Replies or Views needed until a Topic becames Hot (Popular).
  17. a892a37fe742 - Added Flags to the Country DropDown on the Edit Profile Page.
  18. 83f508015250 - New Feature: Topic Status, Users can now select from a list of available status options a topic status, if enabled in Host Settings
  19. dbf9572dd9ee - New Feature: User can select his country and region in his Profile
  20. da6b2ed42ff7 - Added new BB Code ALBUMIMG1234/ALBUMIMG - To post user uploaded Album Images
  21. 6348ef6e1b56 - Added the Topic Description (If available & enabled) to the Topic Title.
  22. 997fd993b374 - Extending the My Topics Page, now contains two more Tabs "Unread Topics" and "My Topics" - Which only shows topics the user has posted in.
  23. 867ac9d232f6 - Finally added a Real Read tracking for topics and forum for a User. By Default it uses the Old System. New System Can be turned on in Host Settings ->Features -> "Use User Read Tracking via Database"
  24. 5d8aab09d912 - Added User(s) Complete Export as XML and CSV
  25. 5d8aab09d912 - Added User(s) Importer from XML or CSV
  26. 06b0a19e73f9 - Added Signature Preview to the Edit Signature Page.
  27. 5032 - Added New Help Topic "BB Codes List" that describes all BB Codes that can be used inside YAF.
  28. 5025 - Added GOOGLEMAPS BBCode
  29. 5025 - All List Types are now Support by BBCodes list=1, list=a, list=A, list=i, list=I
  30. 5024 - Added new Core BBCode NOPARSE other BB Codes inside a NOPARSE Btext/B /NOPARSE will be not parsed.
  31. 5007 - Added "Go to last post", and "Go to last unread" add the top of the posting list.
  32. 4997 - Help Content is now much more flexible, Menu Items can be changed (from HelpMenuList.xml). Also all Menu Items have now tool tips, and current help topic is highlighted in the menu.
  33. Lots of Bug Fixes

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